Sponsorship offer from Patchion.com

We at Patchion.com have gone out of the norm to make fashion statements of irresistible embroidered pieces. To top it up, we are offering embroidered patches sponsorship. Interesting, Isn't it. We will deliver these unique patches to you, but you have to meet some set standards. All you are required to have is some internet marketing expertise. No, perfect is not the standard, grow with us.

Are you a website owner or a social media marketer? Yes, it’s your partnership we are searching. We make high-quality branded embroidered patches which we hope to market together through your WebPages, and social media profiles which have a mass following. We prefer a site with mode daily visits.

We design our embroidery pieces with the customer’s’ need in mind. How much traffic does your webpage attract? We will not only drive massive followership but help your page to convert as clients flock to view the excellent pieces. The sponsorship primarily focuses on Non-profitable organizations as well as non-governmental associations. We are also happy to cooperate with informal groups and individuals

Tech-savvy informal groups and small-scale businesses with beautifully designed websites should come aboard and make free quotations for our world-class embroidery patches. Unlike with other embroiders, we are offering the pieces at no cost.

How do I get embroidery patches from you? To become our beneficiary, log in to our website patchion.com, from where you can view our banners and sample ads. Proceed to attract traffic to our site from your followers. Also, comment and update on the patches taken at the News” section.

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